Single Leg Drills on Rollers

Hi - I am new to TR and I prefer rollers over a stationary trainer. When I do single leg drills, I put a foot on a chair to balance. But I have to stop pedaling to change legs. Would it be better to do these on a trainer or is stopping to change legs acceptable? Also, have you heard of anyone that learned how to clip in and out while on rollers without stopping? Thanks,

It’s fine to stop if you want to do the drills.

Yes, plenty of people clip in and out on rollers. It is more tricky, of course because the balance is tougher, but the typically low inertia makes it important to catch pedals quickly.

It could be worth placing your rollers in a hallway or doorway, so you can practice just clipping in and out. Get that down and you could move back to your normal place.

Like any skill, practice is required if you want to learn and hope to perfect it.

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It is actually not that difficult to do one legged drills on rollers.

First practice clipping in and out without stopping your spin. Use a smaller gear and just give it a go. Click out, pedal a couple rotations, click back in. Once you can do that reliably just move on to one leg drills for longer periods of time per leg.

Once you get it down you’ll wonder why it ever seemed difficult.

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