Sidi shoes and Look cleat memory positioner

I’ve just bought a new pair of Sidi Shot Ltd Edition matte black shoes (very nice they are too!) from an online retailer. My previous pair had a slot in the sole for Look cleats memory positioner. In each slot is a small threaded lug to which the memory positioner is affixed.

The new pair have the same slot but not the lug in them. On the old pair, you can see the lining inside the shoe through the slot (the lug is loosely sandwiched between the lining the and sole). On the new pair there is a mesh vent instead of the lining. This is fitted flush with the inside of sole – there appears to be no room for the screwed lug. Despite the new pair not having the lug, they came with the screws to allow the memory positioner to be fitted.

On both pairs, the sole lining on the inside of the shoes has been glued down and cannot be removed without damaging them.

I’ve just read a review of Sidi’s Sixty Ltd Edition shoes in the latest edition of Cycling Plus magazine (a UK publication). The review shows the Sixty’s have an identical sole to the Ltd Editions I’ve just bought – including a slot for the Look memory positioner but with a mesh vent and no lug.

Can anyone confirm if the Look memory positioner can be used with the latest Sidis (as was possible in previous versions)? If so, how and where do I secure the memory positioner?