Sick (cold), when better?


at this moment I’m sick, having a cold. I use sinutab to get my sinusses a bit clear. I have it for 3 days now. I don’t feel terrible, I think/hope to be healthy in 3 days again.
i drink gember-thee. Take a hot bath in the evening.

The problem is, I have a marathon planned on 3 december.
How should I live up to it? Should I train today, tomorrow? Better to rest?
And how will my performance be? Will I be 100% within 8 days?

Does anyone has experience with this? Any tips on getting better fast are welcome :slight_smile:


Your fitness is set if you have a marathon on Dec. 3….it won’t change drastically at this point.

As for training, take it easy and see how you feel. Definitely don’t want to extend the illness or trigger a relapse from going too hard. As to whether you’ll be 100% by race day….:man_shrugging:. Depends on the severity of the cold, how your body responds, etc.

My advice would be to play it by ear on race day, adjust your expectations to accept it may not be your best day and then see how the day unfolds. Sometimes removing the pressure of the expectation can make all the difference on race day.

Get well soon. I would wait until two days after you feel like you’re ready to train before actually training. Having said that, and as noted above, you should be tapering about now.

Rest, nothing to be gained by training.

First day you think “I’m good to train” train from the following day but only lightly, then maybe continue you taper.

Race day, you’ll probably know by then and the forced rest period might actually help if, especially if you are someone that over does the taper.

n=1 this is where I really use RHR - when that’s back to normal I will do something easy and see how I react.