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DUDE! The mitts on Rocket are Hauuuuge!

Loki is surely working on revenge… best served cold :wink:


His revenge really is cold. Usually at 3am when he decides it’s time to play and he licks my face!


If I fitz…


Your cats are so cute! :grinning:
Here is mine:

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A couple of months ago, we had a cat show up at my office and adopt us. I named her “Tidders” (others call her Lola) and she’s a total sweetheart. Tidders’ tummy grew prolifically after the adoption, so we created a safe place for her to have her litter. Now, we have Tidders plus 5 kittens that all seem to have their mom’s good personality. If anybody is interested in adopting a kitten and is near San Diego, feel free to reach out.


We got our 2 year old daughter 2 sibling kittens Harry and Hermonie (from Harry Potter). Harry has the white legs and is a bruiser, Hermonie is very curious about everything


What else to do on a rainy Fall day….


Post training doze with my girl (Mia)


Epic cuteness there! Recovery cats are the best recovery aid possible.

Our old boy used to sit on my belly for an hour or more after my Sunday workout.


So unfortunately today was the last day with my favourtie creature on Earth:(

20 years of living and tasting every human’s food there is - the stranger, the better. Unfortunately none of 3 other cats comes even close when it comes to witt, cynicism, neediness and intelligence.


So sorry for your loss! :sob:

The joy they bring leads to such hard goodbyes where the days, weeks and months without them are so damn difficult. Here’s to hoping the other critters will step up and do their parts to fill the hole in your :heart:


Thank you. At the moment the silence is the worst. I go to the kitchen and instinctively watch out for a cat. The dinner today was the strangest experience ever as no one is stealing food from your plate - I completely forgotten how it can be. And it was no joy to be honest.

Now the house will be female-dominated as we have rescued the mother of one of our cats (a fox bit her) and she was waiting to take her home (we didn’t want to stress out our senior cat).

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Beautiful cat. Sorry for your loss. I still find it weird when I walk in the door everyday to not have my cat sitting there and stand to walk over to my shoes and paw my shoelaces. Definitely miss her.

Not sure I am ready for another cat/kitten either. It was nice having a “trained” cat around…forgot how hard it was to get her to stay off the tables and shelves and not scratch everything.


Chilling outside with Foxy in mid November weather that is more like early Fall than our typical snow and cold.


Sorry for your loss :heart:

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Not sure how much practice it takes to look so cute, but Foxy seems to have it down.

And then Ruby with her required morning lap time while i have my coffee before work.


Does Foxy let you pet that fuzzy belly? :star_struck: It’s funny how some cats love it, and others go into kill mode! :rofl:

She is open to belly pets but only when she rolls over like that. Never gives claws like some cats, but she has a certain tolerance for petting time and will just cut you off after a bit. Thankfully though, it doesn’t come with the skin & blood tax like some cats :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hunters caught in the act? :wink:

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