Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

Tell us more about the van. I haven’t seen a proper van in ages.

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We need a van life / bike transporter thread to parallel the pain cave thread.

Summoning our moderator - LOL


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A) I think one of you guys could start it if you want.

B) Or I can just move the top reply from above (and all the following ones related) into a new thread.


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I’d do a new thread and make BS605 the van thread moderator for life :slight_smile:

That yellow Ford is bitchin’ Am now curious what others are doing for bike transport.


OK, I was able to pull his post into a new thread:


Not sure if this counts since it was an odd duck back in 2007 but it’s been a blast to ride. Cannondale systemsix half carbon front end and aluminum rear with short/beefy chain-stays. Upgraded the bar and wheels to make it quite formidable in criteriums.


That is a handsome bike.

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Been reading this thread for a while, and I finally have a contribution -

Cobbled together with whatever bargains I could find. First road bike build!


Its either a CAAD 4 or CAAD 5, not sure as it doesnt say. The downtube is fatter than the more modern bikes. Handles well, and allows me to get low, in the hoods.


This Scott AFD Elite (2004?) has been a work-in-progress since November. I’ve almost finished painting it - just needs a couple shots of clear coat - then on to the build.


What a transformation! Excellent work so far.

Is that a carbon fork? Cool shape

Is that a carbon fork? Cool shape

The fork is aluminum.

Very well done. Not colors I would think to put on a bike, but it looks sweet.


We got my 5 year old a 20" Precaliber last year and he’s working on getting rid of the training wheels. I wanted something affordable that I could throw flats on and ride with him so I picked up the Marlin 6 today. Seems like a nice bike for the price and it’s perfect for zooming around with my little man!!


That is all.


I also got some Enve 65s today. Going to be taking some pictures tomorrow on my training ride in the sun to post in here. Cannot wait to see how they feel.

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This picture makes me so happy :+1:

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Picked up some I9 UL250 TRA wheels for my Crockett. I’d say there’s really not a whole lot else that can be done to this bike now. Pretty stoked on it.