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Bit of info… long time exerciser Lol culminating in a big push for Swissman tri last June. Since then I’ve dropped everything. Never liked swimming anyway, but gave up biking and did naff all running. This is the biggest break I’ve taken from keeping fit in probably at least 10 years. Coincidentally or not I now have a minor disc bulge which I’m being super careful with and going through the proper motions to fix. I’m now in a position to start swimming and/or biking alongside the many minutes of walking per week.

I’m hopeful… that in late June I could join some pals on the King Alfred Way for 4 days of fun. Based on this limited info am I right in saying if I sign up to trainer road plan builder it should be able to cope with the fact I’m starting from scratch and want to achieve that goal of completion.

Any info is always useful.

Plan builder can 100% get you started from scratch.

There is also a one month money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


Cheers Dingle.

I started with TR in April 2018, FTP was 160. Three years later I’d got that up to 201; combined with more sensible eating that put me over 3W/Kg. For an over 60 non-athlete, Happy days!
Did my goal event - Tour of the Borders in Scotland - that September.
Then last year for no obvious reason I did almost no cycling at all, just walks around the neighbourhood.
Now I’m a stone (14lbs / 6.4kg) heavier with an FTP down to 180.
I saw an event in Switzerland this June, a sportive around Lake Geneva. Probably wont do it, but its given me an incentive.
So that’s in the calendar, and Plan Builder has me on a plan to be able to complete it.
I’m confident it will work, based on past experience, its mainly up to me to be consistent with the training; and now we have Adaptive Training to be honest with questions about how the workouts feel.
TLDR: you’ve got nothing to lose so go for it!


Hey there @The_Mullet! Stoked to hear you’re jumping back into training! :metal:

Plan Builder can definitely get your training sorted for you! When you get your plan set up, you’ll enter details about your level of experience, how much time you have available to train, and the type of fitness you’d like to build for your goal event. We have a useful article you can read to learn more about it here.

As you work through your plan, our Adaptive Training system will analyze your fitness with each workout. As your fitness changes, so will your workouts. We have another great overview on how that all works here.

As others have mentioned, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so rest assured you’ll have some time to test everything out to make sure TR is the right fit for you.

Please feel free to ping me with any additional questions – or you can reach out to our awesome Support Team with anything else. :slight_smile:

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