Should I be mad at my smart trainer?

If there is any way one could shift the contact point right or left, it will essentially give a new surface… Perhaps adding few washers here and there :slight_smile:

Also, on my Kickr Snap, the drum seems to be bolted on onto the axle. I think if I asked a local machining shop to make me new one, they would…

This superglue fix just made my year. :slight_smile::slight_smile: I’ve been considering buying a new trainer because of the terrible noise from my vortex. I expecetd the glue would help but really am shocked at how quiet it got after this fix. Thanks for the tip!


Great to hear! :slight_smile:

A million times this.

If OP is not on a disc bike frame (and has no plans to be) have a look at the Elite Turbo Muin 2. Was AU$499 delivered, on Wiggle. Has now gone up to closer to AU$600 but still great value. Extremely quiet - no louder than my fan.