Shoes with thick soles : saddle height?

I’ve just bought a pair of new shoes and I’ve been reading around that some carbon soles may require to re check saddle height. Is this really a thing or it happens once in a “very” while ? I’m absolutely ocd with positioning so I’m gonna have to see my bike fit guy for that….

stack height will affect your effective saddle height. maybe google around for the different shoes and their stack heights and adjust accordingly?

Or just measure. Put cleats on shoes, stand up and measure from the floor to something like the top of you sock or a line on your skin. Change shoes, and measure again (do not pull your socks up etc in between). Work out the difference.

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Yes. Changing insoles, cleats position, pedals, shoes, and saddle will have a big impact on your saddle. Even going from super thin summer socks to winter socks can be 5mm difference that you might notice right away.

I was swapping between speedplay, SPD, and flat pedals on my gravel bike - all needed a big saddle height change even for a 1hr ride. Going from a Brooks rubber saddle to a prologo dimension was about a 30mm change!

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Yup, people often forget that different shoes, shocks and even bibs with different chamois can impact the functional leg extension by a millimeter or more in some combos. It usually falls into a range where our bodies accommodate for it with no issue, but some riders are more sensitive & can be impacted by the deltas, especially if they are already towards one end of the fit spectrum.

Yeah looks like this may be the quickest way. Should I remove cleats from both thoes before doing this ? What about from there then ? Just add those extra mm to my saddle height ?

No, keep cleats on.

If you find out one pair of shoes makes you effectively taller, you might want to move the saddle up by the same amount. Be aware that if you move it up, it’ll also move back (due to the angle of the seat post), so you might need to move it forward too.

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Since your OCD I would go see your fitter not only for saddle position. The shoes might require arch supports or shims or different cleat position to become exactly like your old ones.

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Yeah thought so, and honestly the saddle part is what scares me the most. Look like I’m gonna have to wait for my bike fitter.

Very different animals right there. Fantastic power transfer from Lake and foot position during pedal stroke feels perfect, but bike fit is definitely needed.