Rim brakes cable installation, Force Etap shifters

This is related to my bike build; I’ve hit a real sticking point here.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot find any instructions for the rim brake versions of the Force Etap shifters. To me at least, it isn’t obvious how the brake cable is installed. If anyone has a link to a vid, pic or doc which explains it, I’d be really grateful. I could cave and go to the LBS, but I have managed everything else, and it would be nice to finish the job.

Thanks in advance

If you pull the brake lever, it will open at the top and you’ll see a silver colored barrel here:

It won’t open as much as a shimano shifter, but it’ll open. If you fiddle that barrel slightly, you’ll find the hole in it. Stick the cable in there like you would any other brake cable, and it’ll come out here:

From there route it and house it like you would any other brake cable.


Thank you!