Shimano 105 5800 or r7000?

Looking at getting a power meter and didn’t know if this made a difference for a left side only power meter or will either fit??

It will definitely fit. I’m fairly certain that all shimano hollowtech II crank arms are compatible. I have a Silver Stages R5800 Left side crank arm on a Black R7000 Crankset with no issues.


If you have hallowtech II either will fit and work just fine. I recently bought the r7000 as the 5800 4iiii was out of stock everywhere I looked in a 175 crank.

That’s the same thing I am running into. I have an allez sprint and I am not sure what comes stock on it, I will have to check when I get home.

To the best of my knowledge HTII cranks fit onto other series HTII cranksets and have the same Q factor. This has been carried over from the last iteration (5800 to 7000 etc.).

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