Self-Support Ultra Race Bag Recommendations

Looking to dip my toe into the waters of self-supported ultra racing later this year. Any suggestions for small to medium size bag(s) to carry required gear? First race is 300-miles, with two drop bag locations available. Won’t need to carry that much food, but temps will probably swing from 90s during the day to 40s at night. Will need something with decent volume to carry leg coverings, jacket, warmer jersey, head band, gloves, space blanket + tires / tubes / CO2 / tools. Thinking about something like the Revelate Spinelock 10L? Any advice, suggestions, or things to avoid?

Apidura have race-dedicated bags - I can recommend all of them except the handlebar mini pack (the closing mechanism is very bad, a small piece of velcro glued to the lid). In case you have the mounting points, the bolt-on top tube bag is particularly good in my opinion (for snacks, for example), as it will not move from side to side during riding (which the regular top tube bag tends to do).