SeasonMatch unavailable?


I was watching a video about The TrainerRoad Analysis tool. I have used the online tool before but the video was showing a feature I hadn’t seen before. SeasonMatch.

I opened the tool up online to check it out but the button isn’t there? I have compared my screen to what I see on the YouTube video. The SeasonMatch radio button is missing on my screen? Any ideas?

Do you have at least 2 seasons created?

Do those seasons overlap in any days or months?

I think both of the above are required in order to have the SM option.

Yes I think so. My last two seasons should have plenty of overlap. It’s very strange. I will keep experimenting with dates but I don’t think that is the issue.

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I tried to reproduce your issue by impersonating your account, but the SeasonMatch button does pop up for me.

What browser are you using? I would experiment with trying a different browser to see if that makes a difference :+1:.

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I’m using google chrome on Mac. Unfortunately my computer is dying a slow death and can’t run any apple software for some reason?:man_shrugging:. (If I open Safari, pages, or numbers the apps crash immediately)

…anyway I will be unable to test on Safari until I get a new computer. I doubt a new computer will solve this specific issue but maybe :man_shrugging:?

Could you try installing Mozilla Firefox and testing on that browser?

Also, is the button greyed out, or is it just not there?

It’s not there.

@Gigageek, season match option is only shown in the Personal records page, not when you view the power curve of an activity, as in your screenshot.

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As @janneseppala mentioned, you need to be in the Personal Records section, not the ride analysis section.

You can find that section here:

Let me know if that sorts things out!

Got it. Thanks for everyone’s help🙂