Scott Spark 910 or 920 or 900 axs?

I’m looking to buy a new Spark bike, and I cannot make my mind between the 910 and 920 (and eventually the 900 AXS)
Where I live, they cost:
920: 4300$
910: 5000$ + 700$
900: 5550$ +700$ +550$

It’s going to be my first kind of expensive bike (I have a hardtail cube racer and a Canyon Spectral AL 5.0, 2016). I’m not necessarly looking for extreme performance and I don’t really do any timed racing. So it’s very difficult to justify the price increase.

I’m thinking about getting the 920, but what do you guys think about the other 2? does the component quality justify the price increase? am i going to get a lot more for my money?
I might upgrade the components in the future (like lighter wheels), so the 910 seems more “future-proofed”, since it got a better fork and the full carbon frame

I don’t have a strong case for AXS (other than it’s cool :slight_smile: ), so I would have a hard time justifingy that extra money, plus they are very hard to find, I would have to drive for several hours.

What do you guys think?

i have had 3 scott sparks and really enjoy it as a lightweight downhill capable trail bike.

I have the 2021 900 axs. It is a fantastic bike, very forgiving on downhills but still very lightweight. I have used it as a heavy duty gravel bike with lockout as well as trail bike for east coast rooty/rocky riding. I had a heavier built spark 27+ bike, but actually found my strava times were about the same with the heavier wheel build and beefier tires, but that may be course dependent.

Personally I love the axs shifting and would not go back. It is very precise and effortless. I know this is a polarizing opinion!

I doubt you will notice a difference between riding the three versions other than the shifting.

Thank you for your reply. Since there isn’t that much of a difference while riding, I could get the 920 and buy this SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit - 12-speed
It costs 400$ where I live.
So i would get a Spark with AXS for 4700$. i don’t care that much about the alloy Swingarm, but is the fork and the brakes good enough on the 920 ?