Schwalbe R - Rons and R Ralph’s

Hi peeps

Does anyone have experience with the new Schwalbe Racing Ralph’s or Rocket Ron’s.

I currently run Maxxis ardent race upfront and Maxxis Ikon on the rear and I like the ride feel of the combination. I’m very interested in the Watts saved by changing to the Schwalbes and by reviews the potential grams saved and better puncture resistance.

I know the reviews say the ikon isn’t “recommended” but I haven’t had many issues as far as punctures. I run 20 psi in front ardent race and 30ish give or take in the rear and I’m 85kg give or take a kg or two.

I’d like people’s real world opinions on the new Addix rubber compound In both tubeless- easy and the liteskin in regards to setting up tubeless! (or unreliable) as well as any opinions on tire combo.


I’ve gone back and forth between Schwalbe and Maxxis over the years.

On my XC bikes I had been using Ikon rear and Ardent Race in the front and always found the combo to be quite solid. Last season I switched back to Schwalbes and ran the Racing Ralph’s in Addix Speed compound, tubeless easy, snakeskin front and rear. I used a 2.35 in the front and 2.25 in the rear. I really liked the combo and found them both very fast rolling, but also had a little better traction as compared to the Ikon. Note that these were not the NEW Racing Ralph which is meant to be paired with the Racing Ray. Running them on Enze M525’s I never had a flat.

This year I mounted up a set of the NEW Racing Ralph/Racing Ray combo on my Air 9 RDO hardtail. I haven’t had a chance to ride them yet, but hopefully will get them out in the next week or two. I left last year’s Racing Ralph F/R on my FS RKT 9 RDO.

I also had a chance to run some Nobby Nics last fall when the leaves had fallen and I wanted a bit more traction. I used the Speed Grip compound and I was surprised that my lap times were not much different on the Nobby Nics. A testament to how fast rolling they are despite the larger nobs.

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My only complaint ever about the Rons and Ralphs is they just wear out so fast. I love the way the Rocket Rons hook up and roll fast on my local trails, but having knobs separating off the tires after less than 500 miles always made me angry given how expensive they were. Maybe the new compounds are better at this.

They were always the easiest tires to setup tubeless for me.

I contemplated hard this year for tire choice and ALMOST went with those Schwalbe tires. I ultimately decided against it based on Schwalbe’s history of puncturing and there wear resistance. I ultimately decided that I trained too hard over the winter to take the puncture risk and I want my tires to last at least one race season.

So I stuck with my tried and trusted Vittoria Mezcals 2.35f/2.25r. They are fast, predictable, don’t lose traction on climbs, I can run low pressures with confidence (21/22 psi) and I’ve never punctured. I’d be careful chasing grams on tires for MTB, there are far more important things to consider regarding tire choice that will decide your race results. But if you get the Schwalbes let me know your experience at the end of the season!

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I have not tried the new ones. But get the snakeskin no matter what. Too many guys on my team would flat for a variety of reasons when they did not go w snakeskin.

@Kuttermax great news on the Niks. I am putting a set on my spare wheels for mud or slick conditions.

I’ve been running Rocket Ron on the rear and a Knobby Nic on the front for years. I dont mind the little extra resistance of the Nic on the front given the extra traction and confidence it gives me. I think the new Addix compound is better than the old one and they are super easy to mount and setup tubeless. As far as punctures and wear go, they have worked well for me and I have not had many problems. I think riding style has more to do with punctures and wear than tire design…some guys get flats with whatever tires they run.