Satori Tacx Trainer


I have a Tacx Satori trainer and locked in with the level 2 recommended resistance. However, last year I was training on level 1 resistance.
My question is why are my power numbers (based on the same cadence) with both resistance levels no different? I find this very strange and hope somebody can explain or am I just a dumb ass :slight_smile:

It TR pulling the “power” data from the trainer directly, or is it using Virtual Power from a wheel speed sensor?

There are 2 versions of the Satori - the plain vanilla version, which is a full dumb trainer, and the Satori Smart, which while being a dumb trainer on the load side, broadcasts power, speed and cadence over ANT+. Which one is it?

Easy way of telling: do you have to put 2 AA batteries in somewhere? If so, that’s the Smart version.

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Yes buddy I have the smart dumb trainer (V2).

Is that TR master chad? :hugs:
As this is a smart dumb trainer I presume TR is pulling the data.

  • Nope, I’m just a regular Chad, not THE Coach Chad. I just pitch in on the forum for moderation and such, but I’m not a TR employee.
  • OK, then I presume the issue is with the trainer itself and how it estimates power output. I’m not familiar with the way it adjusts the data when you change the resistance setting.

Might be a question for Tacx support unless someone here knows the info.

Check your settings to ensure TR is treating it as a powermeter, and not using virtual power for it.

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Thanks Chad appreciated, i have lodges a ticket with Tacx support. hopefully they can explain.

Keep up the good work!

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sorry buddy slightly confused, should I enable the Virtual Power checkbox in the device settings?

No, if you intend to use the power data from the Satori trainer, you don’t want to ne using Virtual Power.

He wanted you to verify if you were or were not using that setting. If you were using Virtual Power in TrainerRoad, that would explain the behavior you describe.

But if you are not using Virtual Power, then I think the issue is with the trainer, not TrainerRoad.