Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

Hmmm, interesting. I will have to play with my H2 tonight. Been a few years since I actually used it, so stuff could be different or I am just have a faulty memory (entirely possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Get a 12V adapter for the car and use it as a warmup trainer for racing w/o computer, phone, or other setup. (Of course you can run this via a head unit too.)

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It could work that way, but honestly… these are not my first choice for traveling. They are big, heavy and just a pain to haul around. Even with my Neo2 being self powered, it is not a toy to move around. I’d much rather grab my old Kinetic Road Machine or one of those fork mount roller options (Feedback & Magura) for any real travel. But that is personal preference and I could see using a setup like you mentioned depending on priorites.

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Problem I run into with my old CycleOps Fluid 2 (15 years and still going strong!) is disc brakes for my trainer wheel and my lack of thru-axle adapter for it otherwise. But yeah, I wouldn’t lug a Kickr or a Hammer for that. More likely to just find some decent roads nearby or spring for one of those cool Feedback Sports rear-wheel roller doohickeys.

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Ok, so it’s “both” according to the tests on my H2.

If you connect via ANT+, you get Resistance as the non-ERG mode.

If you connect via BLE, you get Standard as the non-ERG mode.



Very interesting. If the H3 works the same way, I will not have Resistance as I can only connect to TR via BT. Hopefully the Slope mode works well enough for us…. Thanks for checking on this!!

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Personally, I think Standard is the better of the two alternative modes. Give it a shot and see how it goes.


Anyway of getting all 3 options available on this trainer via ant or Bluetooth? Is it a communication limitation? Firmware oversight? Trainerroad software issue? Just got my H3 yesterday and was curious why I didn’t see standard mode and just ERG and resistance.

Those are questions likely best directed to support at Saris and TR. I do know that this basic approach mirrors the function we see on the Wahoo Kickr as well. Standard is on BLE and Resistance on ANT+ from my testing and reporting from others.

It may well be a protocol issue as I loosely remember someone mentioning, but that is beyond fuzzy memory for me.

There was a bit of discussion about whether you could put a Shimano 12spd cassette on the H3.

In my personal experience, the answer is NO.

I took the 12spd Ultegra cassette off my bike and tried putting it onto my new H3. I could only get about half a thread on the cassette nut and as soon as it built up some tension, it would pop off.

@mcneese.chad shared a link to a Zwift thread that stated as long as the trainer has an 11spd Hyperglide cassette body it would work for the 12spd. I shared this with Saris while I waited for my trainer to arrive but they told me it wouldn’t work and it appears Saris was right.

I was excited to get a new trainer to go with my new bike but now I’m in a bit of a quandary as to what to do… if anyone has had success with a 12spd setup on an H3, I’d love to know how you did it!

  • From what I understand, the 12s cassette should slip onto a regular HG 11 Speed option, which is what the Saris ships with.

  • Likely stupid question, but it must be asked… did you remove the 10s spacer that usually ships installed on the Saris trainers? It’s a black spacer ring, retained with a red rubber band. That rubber band and black spacer MUST be removed for use with a normal 11s and the presumably compatible 12s.

  • image

  • Any chance you can take a pic of the setup with the 12s in place to see where it might be sticking or not installing fully?

Yes, I did remove the ring and rubber band. I installed the cassette with the H3 on its side and the cassette body facing up. The 12s was trickier to get on than the 11s I’m accustomed to but I took my time to ensure all of the cogs were fully nested.

Unfortunately, no. I tried this last night and today, I’ve already boxed up my new Canyon to be returned as I’m coming up on my 30day trial and I need a smaller size. The replacement bike is currently out of stock and won’t be available until somewhere between July 4th-15th, so it’ll be another couple of weeks before I have another 12s to work with.

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Well, shoot. Was hoping it was something easy like that.

Not everyone has one of these handy, but make sure to save the white “cassette hub” that comes with any new Shimano cassette you buy. Shane Miller showed this amazingly useful way to use and reuse that part for removing and installing a cassette in mere seconds.

That is just one video with a super quick showing of that use. I know he has a better one that actually explains it better, and maybe @GPLama can share that one for the best detail. In any event, it is a nearly priceless tool for stuff like this. You could have pulled the 12s off your bike, slipped it onto the trainer in mere moments. So, food for thought in the future.

People have asked if they can buy one of those hubs but I have never seen one sold. If you don’t have one handy when you buy your next cassette, perhaps a stop by a local shop may end up with a spare one from them. Alternatively, this is likely a great option to employ 3D printing to get one with relative ease?


That is cool! Never seen that before. My new bike came with the 12s Ultegra, so I didn’t get one of those plastic parts but will definitely save the one from the next cassette that I buy.


Has anyone fit a 12 speed SRAM Eagle cassette fit on the H3 with the hub adaptor?

I keep these for storing cassettes when I swap, but like an idiot, I take them off one cog at a time and place them on the “white hub”. This is an ace hack!


I’ve used the NPE Cable without issue for several years now.

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I can use Chrome on my laptop to cast my laptop screen to my tv now without any cables.

So with an Ant+ stick on my laptop that issue is resolved.

Here is how if anyone interested.


SWEET! Glad you got a solution in place.

Hope you can fully enjoy the trainer now :smiley: