San Joaquin +3 achievable?

I attempted this brut in August last year. Ok, we were in the middle of a very hot spell but I’m not sure how much difference that really made…

Needless to say, I couldn’t complete it at 100%. Had to dial it down to 96% after the warm up and my ride notes say just how tough I found that!

Fair play to those of you who can get this done at 100% :+1:

I’ve got this on the schedule tomorrow. Wish me luck!


A handful of short backpedals, but completed it. This was hard. I could really feel the anaerobic nature of this. Felt like lifting weights.


Looks like a win in my view. Well done. :smiley:

Oh yeah, that’s absolutely a win.

San Joaquin +5 was on the schedule tonight, just completed it. The +5 version gives you 50 seconds rest between intervals and it was tough but manageable. I can’t even wrap my head around the +3 version with only 20 second rest intervals.

Final hard week of General Build Low Volume and was dreading San Joaquin after Ansel Adams -2 a week ago was completed but with a lot of standing during latter half to keep the cadence and spirits pumped up… and legs were more sore after AA-2 than they have been in many months.

Went into SJ with a can of sports drink + coffee in the tank and managed to complete all but the last interval of the 4th set. Very tough mentally and physically, but as others have said, I’m sure we’re different with what is the hardest. Next workout is Kaiser with 3 minutes at 118%, and that seems a stiffer challenge to me.


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good work!