Salzkammergut Trophy

I’m thinking of doing this race. 210 km or 119 km marathon. I think the 210 will be too hard for me,The womens (winning) times are around 13-16 hours. So I will probably opt for the 119 k option.
Have any of you done this race? I really would like to know your experiences before I enter, as it is a long way to go for a DNF :cry:

Ive done the 210 twice, excellent event - superbly organised and great atmosphere.
Certainly not an easy day out but probably one of my all time favourite events.
16 hour cut-off and the last checkpoint was moved back a few years which makes things (slightly) easier.
About a 40-50% failure rate iirc so yes its tough if you’re not used to maintaining a steady decent output for long periods.
A lot depends on the weather conditions, one year i did it, it varied from 33 C in the early afternoon to an alpine storm later on with people starting to suffering from hyperthermia.
Not overly technical other than the hammerberg descent (which most people walk anyway) but plenty of varied terrain and rocky tracks to keep things interesting, especially in the wet and you can gain a little time if you’re happy riding down steps :grinning:
Most riders who are gonna fail get cut at the half way point so that still gives you a decent ride but you do miss out of some of the best bits especially the iconic Salzberg climb. There are not many women who do the 210 event, the 120km is still a good option.

A bit more info here if it helps:

One thing i remembered which may help you make a decision. I remember discussing the race a few years back and we came to the conclusion that if you can do the South Downs Way in around 10 hours or under you would stand a reasonable chance of making the 16 hr cut-off. Any slower and I think you’d be for the broom wagon.

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Some very helpful answers. I think from what you say about the 210, for a 65 Yr old female with zero body fat hypothermia is highly likely. So would be much better to go for the 120k.
I did ride the SDW in just over 10 hours but 20 years ago.
More recently I did the SDWx2 unsupported in 27 hours in wet weather. Hopefully the 120k is still a good ride ut yes, miss g out on some good bits sadly. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. Whe.youve driven across Europe to get there, you don’t want that!

I’d never heard of it before your post, Chapeau for even entering the 120km let alone the monster :+1:

33*C to an alpine storm?!?!?!

Or did you mean 33*F?

no 33 Celsius and then later in the mountains we had lightning, hail and sleet. It taught me one thing…regardless of the forecast always take a jacket :cold_face:

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Wow…that is a hell of a temperature swing!!!

One time when I was living in Colorado, did a ride in September…was 90+*. 20 minutes after we finished, a cold front hit and temps plunged. By the next AM it was snowing and we got 6" of accumulation.