Salsa Cycles issues recall notice on Cowbell and Cowchipper bars


Q has issued a Stop Ride/Stop Sale Safety Notice for select Salsa Cowchipper Carbon and Cowbell Carbon handlebars, Whisky No. 9 12F and 24F handlebars, and some Salsa Cutthroat and Warbird complete bikes.

We ask riders to use the resources from Salsa and Whisky linked below and contact your local Salsa or Whisky retailer for help determining and confirming if you have an affected product.

Stop using affected handlebars and bikes immediately.

Salsa riders, learn more: Salsa Cycles | Adventure by Bike
Whisky riders, learn more: Important safety notice for select Whisky Handlebars | Whisky Parts Co
Q retailers, learn more: Log In | QBP Online Site

Salsa Cowbell Carbon Drop Handlebar – Carbon, Black, All Sizes
Part numbers: HB8340, HB8341, HB8342, HB8343, HB8344
In Market Since: 28th December 2017

Salsa Cowchipper Carbon Drop Handlebar – Carbon, Black, 38-46cm
Part numbers:HB8350, HB8351, HB8352, HB8353, HB8354
In Market Since: 28th December 2017

Salsa Cowchipper Carbon Drop Handlebar – Carbon, Black, 48-52cm
Part numbers: HB9046, HB9047, HB9048
In Market Since: 6th March 2020

Looks like I finally got bit by a carbon part recall. This is the only notice I can find, because it’s not even on Salsa’s own recall page yet. Seems this might be a staged release similar to what Trek did by moving between regions vs flagging all at once.


Quite a window (Dec 17-Aug22) :open_mouth: I’m glad all my bars are aluminium now. (The TT bike’s base bar was carbon but I changed to an alloy one that would let me experiment with position more).

Yikes! If you find more info, please post

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Yeah, I will update once I get more direct info. As of now, I am coming up with minimal results on Google.

  • It’s breaking news apparently :wink:

As soon as you can get a handle on this…

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I am sure they are going to great lengths to find the source from where the problem stems.

I will stay on top of it and not drop it either until we reach a solution and wrap it appropriately.

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LOL isn’t that the whole production run of carbon bars? IIRC 2017/18 was the first year they were introduced

Sure looks like a big chunk if it it’s not all of it. They had a fork issue with the Warbird right after the V4 introduction that was 2019, then the Cutty fork a year later. Add this to my list of reasons I plan to ditch my Warbird and look for something else :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got 3 sets of these bars.:weary: I’m risking it this weekend for Filthy 50. :crossed_fingers:

I updated the top of the OP with the latest I found on FB.

Wish this recall had happened before I destroyed my second carbon Cowbell. My wallet is forcing me to stick to aluminum handlebars henceforth though my wife says it would be smarter to stop crashing into things.

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Update: Didn’t die at Filthy 50!


I rode my cannondale recalled fork for another 3000km while i waited for the replacement. Figured if it survived 15000km it would survive a couple more