Saddle width for both Mountain and Road

Should one have the same width for both mountain bike and road even if the saddles are different brands?

Saddle fit says to be on a 143, but for craps and giggles I bought a 150mm Fizik Argo Tempo for my mountain bike. Quite like it a lot so far.

Now I am thinking on the Argo Vento for my road bike. Should I go 150 again or go down to 140?

If you follow the fitment guide for SQLabs it seems as you lean further forward the saddle ( and as your pelvis rolls forward ) to fit should be narrower, but as we are all N=1 all you can do is try it to see how your sit bones like it. it may work if you primarily ride hoods or bar tops but maybe not so much in the drops.

That’s what I was thinking…it is a more aggressive fit so narrower may be the way to go.

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