Saddle height adjustments for a frame slightly over-sized

I have been riding a 58 cm bike for almost a year now even though i am only 5’10" and i know this frame is to big for me, but the price was right at the time and i couldn’t turn this opportunity down. I have loved riding it, however many cycling friends continue to point out to me that my saddle height might be a couple of mm’s too high, because i appear to be rocking from behind and my toes are pointed down occasionally when i am pedaling.

I have tried lowering the saddle a tad on multiple occasions, but then i feel as if i am not getting the most out of my potential power and i opt to raise it back to where it was originally. I’ll be glad to hear any advice you guys might have on this matter!

Saddle position is relative to BB, this can be achieved often on multiple sized bikes. What is usually the issue is weight distribution and reach/stack issues that affect your upper torso and handling.

If you don’t know what you are doing get a professional fit. For one you probably want to make adjustments for height and fore/aft in conjunction. Lowering the saddle may be moving you forward which is possibly why you are feeling power differences but it may also just be feel. How are you quantifying potential power? You also need to give it a few weeks to get used to a new position before you can judge your power output.

You might want to pop into the Mega fitting thread - A few modest photos and that group will get you on the right path

The Bike Fitting Mega-Thread

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If the rocking and toe pointing arent causing you to feel discomfort on longer rides then don’t worry too much about it. It’s probably not optimal, but changing your bike to make you LOOK correct isn’t optimal either.

Having said that, a lower saddle is better than a saddle that is too high, in terms of the risk of injury to your knees. Also, it takes time to adapt to a new position. Even moving to the “correct” saddle height may feel unusual at first and you may need some time to get used to it

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