Saddle fit issues

I am getting rubbing at the back of my leg/crease pretty high up. I am using a saddle that I have favored for years though did purchase a new bike this past year. Does this mean my saddle needs to go back? It’s like I forgot how to sit on a saddle. Ha! I have been riding over over 10 years.

Have you gotten a bike fit since getting the new bike?

If you are now experiencing some rubbing that you weren’t getting on a previous bike, some OTHER factor has you sitting differently on your bike now. Saddle height and/or tilt comes to mind most immediately, but I would also consider reach as a factor as well.

I did get a bike fit with the new bike and felt pretty good. The reach is good, I don’t feel over extended. I have a short torso and long femurs for my height 5’9". I might play around with the saddle tilt and position. This new issue is beyond annoying for me. I honestly don’t think I can find a better saddle than the specialized Oura that I have stockpiled and used for years.

Silly question, but I assume that when you had the bike fit done, it WAS with the specialized saddle installed and not the stock one that came on the bike, right?

If you are rubbing against the side of the saddle, I would start with saddle height for sure (maybe you are higher on this new bike?). If you still have access to your old bike, take a measurement from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle and compare the two measurements… Is one higher than the other? Even a couple mm’s difference in saddle height can make a world of difference.

If the saddle heights are fairly comparable between the bikes, I might next look at crank length. Are they identical between bikes? A longer crank on the new bike COULD have you overreaching at the bottom of the pedalstroke IF your saddle hieght is the same between the two bikes. Do you feel like you are overreaching or locking out your knee at the bottom of the pedalstroke?

Did you get “lower” or more flexible to the point you are riding lower?

In my experience the high hamstring/lower glute rub comes from being pretty flexible and the saddle not turning down soon enough and rubbing that area.

Thank you for these questions. The specialized saddle was part of the fit. If anything my saddle might be low. I do not feel over extended.

I am super flexible and tend to roll my pelvis forward. Yes!