Rock bottom, and stuck

I actually deleted all the datafields about power on my head unit.

I also tried my power meter to my Tacx Flux. The Tacx have always been reading lower but no it’s 8-15 Watts higher than my power meter between 120-220 Watts.

I have barely been riding at all for the past ten days.

Update and closure:

It wasn’t overtraining syndrome or any physical health issues whatsoever. The main reason was the new saddle. I couldn’t get the power out no matter how I tried and since I’ve had this saddle on my old bike I didn’t pin point the saddle to be the cause. I was pretty sure it was something about the fit and/or power meter issues but at the moment I got on my 2nd bike power numbers were back to OK.


well thats a hell of a twist but im glad its resolved! its hard to wrap my head around all those symptoms coming back to a bad saddle.