Road tubeless. Without the mess?

I’ve spent the last 2 years going back and forth about tubeless for road before finally finding a method for running tubeless that doesn’t make a giant mess of my apartment. I don’t have a garage or a compressor/inflator but manage really well with 12-gram CO2 cartrages. Attached is a video I made about my method for anyone who is interested.

Let me know what you think or if you have a better method!



Looks good! Nice idea with the CO2 cartridge.

I find the compressor at the gas station down the street useful - with one of these bike-car adapters for the valve. Sometimes some bit soapy water helps.

Instead of putting the tire into the center of the channel I put it straight up onto the bead shelf so that it seals. I can never get it to pull back up out of the channel once the tire is on. I don’t have a compressor so I have to rely on some level of seal before seating it with a track pump.

I play a game of ‘try to get it seated using the least powerful tool possible’ despite having a compressor, and using the following method I managed to get the last set of GP5000s I fitted on using a hand pump (yes, the tiny thing you carry in your pocket :open_mouth: ) I’d definitely try this before using a CO2

Never made a mess. The trick is to seat the tyre before putting sealant in (through the valve stem), then nothing can make a mess.