Road cornering on descents and flats

Listening to the latest podcast with the guys discussing cornering got me thinking. I have always struggled on a local decent, in particular one turn where it is about 15% at the apex, off camber and 70 degree turn. i would like to know the proper technique. Normally try and shift my weight to the rear because of the gradient/camber and feel more in control on the hoods. On the drops on this turn i feel that the rear is too light and feels unstable. would like some tips that i can work on. On lower gradient/flat should i weight the tyres evenly? not sure where i should shift my weight for maximum control.

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Sounds tricky and not knowing the corner I can only offer this.
Whether you use the hoods or drops is down to what is more confident for you, the theory is you have more control in the drops. Personally I’m on the hoods unless its a fast and bumpy descent.
Make sure your turn in point isn’t too early or you’ll drift wide on exit, brake a bit more whilst upright, turn in later and don’t over load the front wheel.
With it being that steep you’ll probably want to shift your weight back a fair bit too which again is easier on the hoods but braking may be easier in the drops depending on how steep the entry to the corner is.
Getting more weight over the back wheel will let you use the rear brake a bit more too.
Some really steep, winding tracks here I shift myself off the back of the saddle and even then the rear goes light easily.