Road bikes with short reaches (< 355mm)

I’ve been looking for a road bike with a shorter reach than my current bike, which is 373mm. I was suprised to discover after browsing many different manufactures, that 373mm is actually on the short end of things. It’s possible to find bike in the 368mm range, but realistically that’s only a small difference.

Thus far, the only bike I’ve found is the Specialized Roubaix Comp/Sport, which a reach of 355mm on the smallest frame. I have looked at a few frames that are billed as women-specific as well and they’re mostly in the 365+ range.

Does anyone know of any other road bikes with short reaches?

for what size bike?

Trek Domane has some that are short reach. As a general guide, looking at the “Endurance” branded road bikes will get you to models with shorter reach (and often taller stack) than a typical road bike geometry.

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I’m going to assume that with a reach that short it’ll be on the small end of the frame sizes. For example, my bike is current a Small with a reach of 373mm.

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I feel that my Canyon endurace has a pretty short reach, in a Medium. If you look a Canyon’s sizing, they have M and W sizing and smaller than small sizes. In Men’s reach goes as low as 360 for a 2XS, and 346 in 3XS Women’s. I would imagine the rest of the bike would be very small though, and the geo might not be right for you.

Could you go with a shorter stem?

Try your LBS, especially one that offers a Retul fit for a new bike purchase. Also, you could try the Enve Custom build, but I suspect that will cost a pretty penny.

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That is definitely something I’m looking into as well. TBH, I really don’t know how much of a difference that 2cms is going to make overall.

As @rkoswald mentioned, a bike fit is probably a good idea at this point :slight_smile:

How long is your current stem? what bars do you currently have? maybe measure from the middle of the stem top cap to where your hoods bend up (where your thumb crotch sits). You should be able to find 10-20mm there easy, so that should open up some frame options. Any smaller and you’re going to need to look at 650 bikes.

This site has a search by dimensions.

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Thanks for the link!

Watch some bikes with fancy features as the stack/reach numbers are not exactly the same as standard bikes. The weird headset covers sometimes raise and shorten the stack/reach.

Also, have a look at the wheelbase, at this size, sometimes the smaller bike is actually LONGER than the bigger bike or the same size. Here the 44 thru 52 are basically the same size - the chainstay length is the same size, the wheelbase is the same, only the head tube is taller and at a slightly different angle.

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