Rim brakes and 28mm tires

I am running 28mm Conti 5000Gp tires on my bike with older 5800 series 105 rim brakes. regularly switching back and forth between my direct drive trainer is a pain because I have to deflate my rear tires to clear the brake caliper in the open position. Do any of the newer rim brakes open wider to allow the removal of wider tires? Or is this just something I will have to live with until I bite the bullet and get a new bike with disc brakes?

I don’t have practical experience, but Shimano seems to claim better compatibility with some brakes.


  • Wider clearance with larger tire sizes
    • Compatible with wider 28C tire size

So those may be better. Some part of the issue may be the relative size of the rim width, to the tire width. If you are on an older, more narrow rim, that could make the issue more tricky, but maybe the newer brakes address that too?

well my rims are original to the bike (circa 2016) so they are on the narrower side.

My gut says the newer brakes would help you, but that is a guess. Hopefully someone can share actual experience. But it seems by the marketing info, that the newer brakes could do what you want.

@TRMailloux I don’t know if this helps or not…but I’ve got 5700 brakes on a bike. I just released the cable tension toggle and measured the gap between the pads. A little over 34mm.

So one thing you could consider is going ‘back in time’ a little and putting some 105 5700 vintage brakes on the bike. That might be a relatively inexpensive fix.

My 25c fit with ample space on my r8000 (same as yours) calipers, and that’s without opening the little lever up either. Then again I don’t run my pads really tight to the rim

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I swapped in some duraace 9000 calipers on my 20 year old felt and I can now get it on and off the trainer running gp5k 28c without having to air down the tire every damn time. I do leave the back brake setup with a pretty long lever pull to make this easier but i prefer not touchy brakes anyway.

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