Riding in Butte Montana?

Hey guys,

I’m heading to Butte, Montana for work. Has anyone done any riding in those parts or familiar with the area? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take a bike so hoping I can get a rental.


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I’ve never spent much time riding in Butte other than a trials ride in the uptown area.

I may be able to find some info via friends. Are you looking for road, gravel, MTB?

Answering as if you’re looking for MTB:
Up at the University there is a nice little park with a few trails for some intervals / laps after work.
For something longer, check out the second half of the Butte 100, which is pretty sweet single trail.


That would be awesome thanks. I was looking for road but gravel would work just as well and I can’t see why MTB wouldn’t work? Not sure where I’ll be put up so would like to get some training in while I’m there. And heck, who wouldn’t like to ride in Montana in Autumn?

Awesome, thanks. At this point I’m just trying to figure out if I can rent a bike up there. Beggars can’t be choosers! I may be able to take mine but not sure of logistics.

Not sure when you’re going but just FYI - Hunting season (general rifle season) opens on 10/22. Especially that first week and weekends I’d want to pick routes closer to town or where where you’re not going to be running into any or as many hunters. If it doesn’t bother you though - have at it. Not a safety issue other than the extra crowds, traffic, trucks, ATV’s, out-of-stater’s on all the forest roads. Can be a lot busier than you’d expect during that timeframe though, trailheads up into the mountains get crowded, etc.

(Road rides obviously not an issue)

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Awesome thanks. I don’t have any of the deets yet. Just know I’ll be in butte. I’d be happy to just get some road riding in so I can keep up the fitness. Otherwise it might be hotel gym bike.

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I just needed to chime in and say it’s Butte, America

(an inside joke for the Montanans on the forum)

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I left out the comma?

Edit; oh Butte, America as opposed to Butte, Montana.