Ride Analysis (x power for y duration) Feature Removed?

Has the ride analysis changed or have I just been unable to find what I’m looking for?

I am pretty certain in the past you could search your ride file to see how many times you did “x” watts for “y” seconds in your ride?

I did a circuit race last weekend and want to see how many times I had to spike up to 350/400/450/500W and on average how long I had to hold these spikes in order to help with my training preparation for the next instalment of the race series.

I think this used to be possible but I can’t find it anymore…

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Hey there,

I think what you’re describing might be our option to add a “custom zone” to your Power Zones chart. Here’s what it should look like:

Then, you’ll get a menu that will allow you to specify the power for your custom zone:

Once you’ve listed the power you want to check out, click on “Add Zone,” and it should appear on your chart!

Hope that helps – let me know if you have any additional questions!

It definitely used to be a feature, but I noticed it was gone a few months ago. I don’t know how long it has been gone for though. Not sure if that was on purpose or inadvertently with an update.

I miss it as well. It was great for race analysis. @Nate_Pearson

Thanks for confirming. I was sure I hadn’t dreamt it up. I used to use it a fair bit.

The “custom power zone”, while useful doesn’t allow me the same comparison.

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Gotcha – checking in with the team on this one! I’ll report back.

Unfortunately, this feature was indeed removed. We recently rebuilt our Ride Analysis Page and decided not to rebuild this feature in that update because very few athletes were using it.

Intervals.icu might give you that data but you’ll might have to adjust its auto intervals first.