Returning training after flu - drop intensity % or FTP

About 3 weeks ago our family got hit hard with the flu (tested negative for covid the whole time) and took about 2 weeks to feel like I was recovered. I didn’t train during that time and at the time I got sick I was just about to start the recovery week of SSB LV1. So it was relatively good timing in that regard. I was finishing each workout relatively easily and expected another little bump in FTP before getting sick.
I used AI FTP in the weekend and that dropped me from 279w to 275w. I actually expected to lose more. But restarted SSB LV1 again but really struggling to hold the power targets. Decreased intensity by 4% for a SS workout and finished on Tuesday but could not hold todays over unders even after dropping it by 5%.
So question, should I drop my FTP now or keep struggling to hit the numbers and drop the intensity during each workout hoping that I will eventually come right?
If I drop my FTP and start finishing workouts easily again then I presume Trainerroad works its magic and will bump up my progression levels to make sure I’m working at the correct intensities.
Also if you have been sick for 2 weeks what did you do?

Do you do WO’s in ERG or Resistance Mode? My preference in your case would be to do them in resistance mode. Accept the lower FTP and if you still can’t quite reach the intensity it’ll naturally fall off in later intervals without holding you firmly to an ERG target that could injure you (especially if you like me have an Elite trainer). AI should then sort it out quickly and in no time you’ll be crushing workouts again :muscle:

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Although not flu, I got walking pneumonia about 3 weeks ago.
I haven’t fully recovered yet, although I am starting to feel recovered.

Coach have had me keep thing on the easier side…
We haven’t done a running wo yet, pool has been dial back in intensity, and bike has been dial back in intensity, time, and cadence. I have done 2 bike wo and they have been bellow FTP and with a low cadence (between 60 and 70), one was 4 x 10 @ 80% and the other was 3x8 @ 85-95%. For me, it MUCH MUCH easier to hit the power at a lower cadence.

Like @HLaB said, I would really consider changing to resistance. It should make the wo more manageable for now.


Sweet thanks. Hadn’t thought of switching to resistance. I have always just done wo in erg mode. But I will give that a crack. Legs just feel tired and heavy so I think I am still very much recovering even though I “feel” healthy.


I expect there to be more refinement implemented with the “sickness” annotations. It would be useful to put the annotations in at the correct time when you’re sick.

The problem with changing your FTP is that it puts a time block on your next AI-FTPD. Not a big issue, but something to be aware of. As with you, I found the FTP didn’t drop enough. I just let it as is and (since I exclusively ride Resistance mode) just dropped my wattage down to get the HR and RPE where I wanted/expected.

I also used alternates to select workouts with lower targets etc. i.e. SS workouts at 85% instead of 90-94% for example.