Returning to the road (bike handling after long layoff)

So I’m really enjoying the TrainerRoad plans and I’m experiencing across the board gains, so much so I’m solely focused on following the plans through to early Spring.

So with what will be a six month lay off from
riding on the road, I’m expecting my bike handling skills to be rather rusty. I’ll steer clear of group rides initially but wanted to see what others have done to mitigate their currency in bike handling once they return to the road after a long lay off?

Thanks in advance

Six months shouldn’t be too bad, we had people come back out after literally decades.

Go on your own at first, then pick some social group rides, and once you’re comfortable again sitting in a group, go for the faster group rides/races.

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practice riding in the grass, and if you have a buddy nearby, work on bumping shoulders and if you’re comfortable, ride behind him and and learn how to handle a wheel overlap…be able to rub your front wheel on his rear wheel without going down. I’m sure you can google the proper technique so that you don’t bite it, and the physics is interesting; it’s not intuitive but best thing someone taught me as a newb.

if you have access to rollers, ride those and you’ll be good to go!

good luck!

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