Rest heart rate too low?

Dear all:

I just did a heart rate test.

Time: local 23:00

Test Protocol:

  1. lay down on bed
  2. rest 3 minutes
  3. set timer to 1 minute
  4. use finger to feel the beat on the other wrist
  5. repeat step 4 two more times

I got 38, 38, and 37 beats per minute.

Is this too low?

I am a hobby cyclist for around 300 hours per year last 8 years. I am in later 20s, male. 68 kg with FTP around 267w.

Recently doing Sustained Power Build highe volumn on week 7.

An existing thread about this: Low resting HR - Does it have any meaning for cyclist?

Thanks Scheherazade.

I go thought the reference.

I just feel not very comfortable today after a recovery ride. As I read my Heart Rate on my watch, the data keep dropping (the lowest reading was 35), and I can even feel my heart is beating but much stronger. If I watch my data for sufficient longer time, my brain feel the dizziness. To overcome that feeling, I have to get out of my chair and walk around for a while.

That’s why I want to ask other cyclist’s experience.