Reserve Wheels Fillmore valves

Does anyone have any experience or own these Reserve wheels Fillmore tubeless valves?
If so, what’s your take on them and on what kind of bike are you running them? Mtb or road/gravel?

I grabbed a set for my mountain bike, but they’re still in the package.

They were $50 for the pair.

I then got a set of aliexpress valves which I think were $2.

It’ll be interesting to compare.

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I’ve been looking at these for my wheel build project (MTB). I’ll be interested to hear the feedback!

They are a bit crazy expensive, but the lifetime guarantee is very appealing. I had a valve snap on me when traveling to a destination. Very inconvenient without a spare or means of biking to the shop to get a replacement. Having said that, I couldn’t find anything about what the lifetime warranty covers, and I suspect it’s limited.

I bought a presta adapter for my compressor with the idea of having the Fillmore’s. Without a removable core my normal straight fitting wouldn’t work, and nor would the Schrader.

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I would love to hear your experience with both of you wouldn’t mind. That’s a huge price difference! Lol

This is really what I’m most curious about. The functionality more so than the feature. $50 is a lot of coin to drop for valves.:sweat_smile:
And to buy them and later find I’d need some kind of adapter for my pump… it’d be hard to justify it just from the potential hassle alone.
I recently had to deal with poking through a sealant clog with a paper clip in my front tire’s valve so it is still slightly appealing to say the least.

They should work with a normal pump fine. It’s just the compressor.

I’ll also be curious how people are finding them with inserts. Reserve say they’ll work, but it’d be nice to hear it from real world use. You need to be able check the pressure without the insert covering the hole.

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The idea is good but I’ve never had so much trouble with regular valves where I wished I could throw $50 to buy the problem off.


I definitely have similar sentiments.

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I have a set they are amazing. I put an old tire on my wheel. I normally remove the valve stem then go out to the garage and fire up the compressor and blast it with air to try and get it to set after soaking it with soapy water. Well I was down in the basement and I just through the tire on dry. No soap and water.[ No tubeless sealant nothing. Didnt even try to seat the bead around the wheel. Just pushed it to the side a bit. Attached my track pump and PRESTO done like dinner. Was as easy as filling up a tube. That was over 2 weeks ago. Wheel still sitting in the basement. I wont be riding it for a couple months as we still have a lot of snow.

Really amazing. Ill have to take the front wheel off soon and do it. I hope its just as easy!


Good to know. Thanks for sharing your experience!

make sure you check the size/compatibility before ordering. my package arrived after 7 days (despite paying for 3 day shipping b/c I wanted them before the weekend); package read: fits up to 28mm rim. not sure how that’s useful these days. sent them back for a refund. customer service never replied to email, either.

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My Fillmore’s are the same (“Fits 18-28mm deep rims”), and I asked at LBS, and they said that there is only that size so far.

In the picture are the aliexpress ones too, which worked out to $5/pair delivered.

So far I’ve only used Stans notubes valves on xc wheels. I’ve never had an issue with them (except my rear leaks, but I’ve not confirmed in that’s tape or what). The fancy Filmore valves are for a new XC set of wheels I’m going to build, but have yet to order the rims (Nextie’s). The thought was that I’d also do some bikepacking with these wheels, so the most reliable and field cleanable valves would be a good investment.

The cheap aliexpress valves were just to see if they work okay for my old xc wheels and some gravel wheels I’m going to get around to building.

I appreciate that the Fillmore’s are more likely to allow seating of a tire with a floor pump, and they’re easier to clean the dried up sealant out of. But, if you’re using them for more local racing/riding and have a compressor when it’s time to change tires, they might not provide any tangible benefits over 90% cheaper aliexpress valves.

I’m afraid that I’m unlikely to have enough time to build up all the wheels I’m planning to and install the different valves and do enough riding to really be able to prove out if the Fillmore’s are a good investment in my case.

yeah the 28mm max rim depth thing is such a lost opportunity for Reserve IMO.
Totally missing out on the deep aero MTB wheel user market.

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They are working on longer versions.

LOL. The set I bought are going on my cutthroat for a 700 km backcountry bikepacking race. Just wanted the extra use ability with a smaller pump if something goes wrong.

Only time I have ever had problems setting beads is on older wheels not designed for tubeless. So a valve to fix a problem I don’t have*.

*My old, who knows how old, gravel wheels don’t like to seat on the floor pump. But they did last time I rotated my tires. I have new tires to go on and I will try again.

To be honest, I really can’t see the valve having much impact at all on the ability to seat a bead. That’s all down to the tyre sidewall/bead and the rim bead.

The biggest advantage for me, and would encourage me to pay the premium (since I’m already buying new valves anyway so it’s only the difference of $30) is if they are expected to never snap/have much greater robustness.

I did more digging, and there’s reviews mentioning the lifetime warranty being a “no questions asked” thing. I still haven’t found specifics from Reserve. It’s probably enough of a guarantee to try them. Though I wish I could find proof they work with a tyre pressure gauge when using inserts.

Just swapped tires in the parking lot at work during my 30 minute lunch break so I can ride this evening.

Regular valves (Specialized), never removed the core, used my floor pump. Only issue I ran into was removing the old tires, trying to break the bead almost wore the skin off my palms.

I bought new identical valves when I built my new wheels, but I still have the original valves on my spare wheels that came with my bike in 2018.

Thanks for that heads up. They wouldn’t actually fit my wheels then. I run 35mm

Neil Beltchenko did a review on I have a set, but haven’t yet installed them. They’re meant for my MTB. I also have reserve wheels (XC 28’s) and they are the bomb.