Rent a turbo trainer in Cote-d'Azur area over Christmas/NY holidays

I know it’s a long shot, I know riding indoors in the south of France is ridiculous.

But if anyone is willing or knows where I could rent a trainer for two weeks (or buy a cheap used one) please let me know. Dates are 24.12-05.01

You will probably be better off buying one. There is a big sports department store in France called Decathlon which has its own line of equipment which can be very good. The link I have posted is for UK store so it will probably be even cheaper in France.

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Thank you. So I figure and have looked through classifieds. Decathlon price is very good though.

Or schedule as a rest week, enjoy the week and be chomping at the bit on your return? :grinning:


That’s a bit like going to Fiji and wondering what to watch on Netflix. We have an office in Toulon, a colleague of mine posts his lunchtime and club rides there, and it’s simply spectacular.

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To buy a used trainer: You can specify a distance radius using postal code or city.

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You could try Spoc which is in St Laurent du Var, just outside Nice airport. Haven’t been in a few years but they used to have loads of decent used sports equipment, focusing on bikes.

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It is. Please seek help.


Wouldnt it make more sense, to join a local gym with a Wattbike for the duration of the stay and use that & other facilities when needed?

Or you know, ride outdoors?

Quick google suggests a place called Le Lab cycling in Nice does Wattbike classes and you can drop in.

Thank you all for good advice. I will check out local classifieds, decathlon and spoc.

I would definitely prefer riding outdoors. However, with sunrise at about 8am and sunset not later than 5pm, riding outdoors will mean time away from family. During summer, I am usually out at 5am and back by breakfast.

Joining a club was my first option. However, I have had back luck with not being allowed to install my assiomas in one of the French gyms.

Taking some rest was also an option. However, our total trip is 20 days with visits to other countries. I can’t not train for 20 days.

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Rule #1: don’t ask, simply act as if it was perfectly normal, just like adjusting seat height. Feign complete surprise if someone objects. Smile throughout.