and Strava - The breakup

Garmin Connect. You can also just upload files directly.

I’d like a direct upload from the headunit apps though!

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I think most people are finally realising that any “free” service has to be funded somehow. And with social platforms that generally means monetising your data and/or advertising. So I don’t think them selling my data is an abuse, it’s what I expected when I signed up.

Personally I’m fine with that - I genuinely can’t think of ways in which my training data can be abused in any particularly sinister ways. I don’t want criminals being able to pinpoint my address and figure out when I’m on holiday, but that is addressed by being able to hide your exact home location, and make your profile or activities only visible to followers (assuming you know who your followers are). I guess if I was calling in sick to work and then going for a bike ride that might be an issue! But where and when I’m riding or running, and who with, isn’t something that gives me a lot of privacy concerns, and if it did I wouldn’t be on the platform. As it is I’m careful not to post any pictures or comments that I wouldn’t be comfortable with anybody seeing, but the same applies to any other social media platform. Find it astonishing how many people are willing to post strong political and other opinions online.

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I think this is something that society is slowly getting its head around with social media in general. We’ve got all of these free services (facebook, instagram, GC, Strava, reddit, etc.) and were happy to use them for free. The problem is when they were launched people were a little naive about the business model and what was actually being done with the data. Some understood it but the VAST, vast, vast, majority of people had/have no idea.
Slowly people are beginning to understand that somewhere buried in that fine print when you signed up to use the free service that you and your friends love for free is the fact that the company is going to use your data and sell it on in an aggregated format. But I look at what occurred this week with that FaceApp frenzy and people still don’t seem to get it entirely.

Data privacy is becoming more and more important, but it’s still not well understood by the masses.

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