Relay Racing What IF to shoot for?

I’m doing a 180 mile point to point road race in June, as part of a 4 person team. There is roughly 12000 feet of climbing over the total distance. There are 9 fixed transition points, so for easy math say 1300 feet of climbing each section over roughly 20 miles. What IF would you use if you’re going to be on and off the bike over the course of the race? Figure I’ll ride maybe 5 of the sections at most, and could be off the bike for 45-70 minutes as other team members take their turns. I envision eating between legs when I am riding in the support car, and only taking liquids while on the bike since I can’t see any section taking more than 90 minutes at worst. I worry about cooling down too much between stints on the bike. Any ideas on how to tackle these type of events? The event is the Sawtooth 200 from Boise to Ketchum Idaho.