Relaxing the lower leg

When Chad tells me to relax my jaw and hands I know what to do.
But I can’t figure out how to relax my lower leg while pedalling :confused:

Anybody got advice on what I should do?
What am I supposed to feel?

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It is a lot easier to relax muscles not necessary to accomplish the task. The idea is to relax muscles not necessary to the movement of the task. A lot of times we tighten all the muscles in that area, including contradicting muscles, such as calf muscles. For me it feels like I allow more ankle movement and is more up and down motion with the heel, not being tight in the whole circle motion.

I struggled with that too today during Ericsson. It’s a lot harder for me to turn off the non-working lower leg muscles during the pedal stroke than the upper leg muscles.
I’ll try the looser ankle approach next time.

Took me all of SSB1+2 to get any kind of good at this.

Before Chad (B.C.) I used to try to control my pedalling with hip flexors – not good. I had to practice quadrant pedalling and really focus on my legs and what they were doing. The phase which worked for me was ‘lifting my knees’ – focus on only that and let your leg just spin with zero pressure for the rest of the cycle. My suggestion is do the “relaxing” drills during your warm-up and cool down periods. Hope that made even a little bit of sense.

It takes a lot of focus, no way around it. It feels weird at first you might only be able to do it for a few seconds at a time, but keep practicing.