REI Kickr saga, sending wrong and open box units

So I ordered a Kickr v5 from REI 3 weeks ago, what arrived however was a Kickr core. A bummer, because then the v5 was sold out again everywhere so their only option was to refund it. They scheduled a UPS pick up, but didn’t tell me so I missed the UPS guy this week. Hopefully he comes back?

I did luckily manage to order another kickr just last week from REI again, figuring REI is usually good about stuff and I trust them not to mess up again. It arrived today. Box was super beat up and had loose parts inside, kickr was not wrapped in plastic so I had to vacuum it because it was covered with super small styrofoam bits everywhere. Kickr has some scuffs as well. Id be happy if I paid 20% less for an open box item, but 1300 is too much for this. Again, I don’t want to ride it because if REI can’t refund me some money for this open box kickr then I’m just going to return it. REI is closed today and costing me even more time without a trainer, yay!

Sorry to rant, just extremely disappointed in REI who is normally pretty great. I’d be cautious buying a Kickr from them, especially if they are trying to sell open box units for full price. If they discount this for me all will be well but I’m not holding my breath.

Bummer, I used their 20% off code on a kickr core, even though the fine print said it excluded trainers. Still worked online. Came ahead of schedule and was definitely new/unopened.

Then used the 20% code on something else and it worked again, even though it should be a one time code per account. :grin::+1: