Recumbent training exercise Carson-3, anyone else here?

Hey,I did yesterday my training on my highracer recumbent bike on Carsons-3 exercise. So what to do instead, when the trainerroad is telling you : “stand up and cycle for some seconds out of the saddle…?” On a recumbent bike it is hardly to realize-) I have dicided to cycle just with one leg as leader in change left/right.

Thnx for help

Single leg makes sense. Another idea, since many of the standing drills are focused on “climbing” could be to work on lower cadence pedaling efforts in those times.

That or any other alternate drill that is either interesting or might apply more to your use would makes sense to me. You will also see some drills focused on “getting low and aerodynamic” which doesn’t really apply to a recumbent either. So you can look for substitutions like these in those drills too.

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good idea to reduce the cadence then.
I used 92cycles/minute at 154 FTP (178 = 100% yet).
So reducing 20 steps down to 72cycles/minute may be ok?

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  • It can be. I would just consider your riding outside and look at the typical high and low cadence range you need to use there. A drop or 20rpm sounds good to me and aligns with what I often do. But like anything, pay attention to your body (especially knees) and return to normal cadence anytime you experience notable discomfort or even the slightest hint of pain.

ok I will try so. I will give you a feedback.
You have also a recumbent bike?

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No, I don’t own a recumbent. I have just played around with them a few times at my bike shop.

How do you do 1 leg drills on your high racer? I find them very difficult on mine for 2 reasons. First the dangling leg is rather awkward, and that I turn make the abs do lots of work. I can only manage a few 30 sec intervals that way. Have not found a good way to put things near the bike to use as foot rests, but have not tried hard.

You could try delivering all the power via the pull stroke rather than push since on a recumbent it’s a case of pull / push to deliver higher power uphill once you’ve maxed out your rpm.

I just concentrate to push and pull with the right or left one. It is not necessary to take them out of the spd click pedal. It works so fine for me. Only the direct change would not fit perfectly yet. I need some rounds to change

Ok I’ll try that the next time one of these rolls around. Thanks!

Hey Tomclune, does it wok for you? I tried to cycle more consciously in that 4 quadrants, trainerroad advices during the longer period trainings. I recognized last times a more fluid cycling after taking care.

@ThomasHamburg I have not encountered another workout with this drill since reading this thread. I did a little bit in this direction on a recent single leg focus drill, but not really enough to evaluate. I will be sure to post here if AT ever pops up such a drill again.