Recovery trough’s when training with ‘Nightcap’ for example

Quick question…
Whilst training using my Elite Drivo in Erg mode, after and FTP effort the power requirement in my case went down from 220’sh to 86.
The trouble is, what I’ve learnt from TR is that high cadence after a power push is better to recover the legs.
Trouble is after that the power spike the only way in erg mode with the Elite Drivo to get down to 86 is to use a low cadence if staying in the same gearing.
Do you recommend to carry on in the same gear at low cadence in the trough or use the smaller front gear ring and use higher cadence, returning to the big ring in time to spin at 90+ for the 220 sessions?
Many thanks Chris

Why not stay in the small Chainring?

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Thanks for replying. If I stay in the small chain ring won’t I be peddling super fast to get to the same wattage as even in the big ring I am turning 90+rpm?
I shall certainly give it a go however, thank you :pray:

I had this with really low wattages in the big ring and shifting to the small ring fixed it but, you erg trainer should have no problem adjusting the wattage for whatever you do in the small ring. Actually it might be a bit more reactive.

Thanks again, that’s really helpful and I will definitely give that a go. Chris

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In ERG you can pedal at 90 rpm and the resistance will adjust to hold your power steady regardless of gearing. (Exception for v.low powers as you note above, of course, but at 200w it will be fine)