Recovery time after VO2 max workouts

Did bashful +2 today as part of my build. Got through the workout, but always feel like I want to curl up in the fetal position for like 30 minutes after workouts like these.

On the other hand I can do over unders or longer threshold workouts and can hop off the bike and be good to go.

Guessing it has something to do with my background as I spent 10+ years as a triathlete training mostly threshold and below and very little specific V02 work.

Anyone else experience the same thing?

Complete opposite. VO2, hop off the bike, not even hungry.
Long threshold, over unders. Character from a Zombie movie.

CX, MTBer meets Triathlete. Hi!


I think all of us experience certain levels of fatigue/freshness after each workout based on many factors, including prior experience (as you have suggested) and fatigue/restfulness going in. The key, however, is regardless of how you feel, to make sure you do proper recovery, including needed cool down (to get rid of any lactic acid build up particularly from threshold and above workouts), post workout nutrition and IMO stretching and rolling.