Recording ramp test with two devices

I tested my FTP a few weeks ago with my Kickr SNAP while my Pioneer power meter was being repaired. I want to see how much my FTP has increased but also want to start using my Pioneer PM moving forward (for consistency between indoor and outdoor rides). Obviously, i could just do the ramp test twice…once with Kickr SNAP with Erg mode and once with the Kickr SNAP, Pioneer PM, and Power Match.

My question is: is it ok to do one test and record it with two devices? Laptop and Wahoo Bolt? i’ll have to share the cadence from my Pioneer PM with Ant+.

Use Kickr SNAP syncd with my laptop, Ant+ cadence from Pioneer sync .
Use Wahoo Bolt and sync with my Pioneer PM.

Will this cause any interference issues?

Nope, should be fine

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I don’t think you’ll run into any issues, but you may see a few dropouts here and there due to interference. This should be a great way to see how much your FTP went up in KICKR SNAP watts, but also set a baseline for training with your Pioneer power meter from here on out. Good luck! :muscle:


I use the PM in my elite trainer and my Assioma pedals for every ride I do. No dropouts or interference. I send the pedal data to my garmin and the elite data to TR, Strava etc. You should be fine :+1:

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thats exactly what i’m planning to do. just wanted to validate. I’ll be on the lookout for any drop outs. thanks

Is it possible for you to pull my Ramp test results and check for Bluetooth or ant+ interference?

I took a look at your Ramp Test and it looks perfect. The power graph is smooth and it looks like the KICKR SNAP reacted to the resistance changes well. There’s no dropouts in the graph that would indicate adverse device interference.

Thanks Larry. I had an 18 watt difference with my Pioneer over the Kickr SNAP. That test seemed to work well!

The results don’t really matter as long as I ALWAYS use one or the other on TrainerRoad! I’m going to stick with my Pioneer and use Power Match with Kickr SNAP moving forward.

By the way, i had a huge increase in FTP using SST Base Mid Volume 1 over 5 weeks. I came off of a 2 week winter break. Been using and preaching TR for a long time. It works.


That’s a pretty big difference! You’ve got it, consistency is the key!

I’m glad to hear of your success with the first phase of Base, just wait until the gains you’ll get in the next phases! :wink: :muscle:

Can you check my Carter workout from yesterday? It was the first time i used my Pioneer with power match since being repaired and Wahoo replacing my Kickr SNAP. I was having all kinds of issues. Would love to know what the stats look like with bluetooth and Ant+.

Hey Michael,

Your Carter workout looks normal for a crank-based power meter, it’s a little spikier than you’re used to on the KICKR SNAP but aside from a power drop/spike around the 19min mark, it looks just fine. If you were having issues with your setup, please shoot our Support team an email at and they’ll get you sorted out! Cheers!

Was your kickr snap 18watts lower than the pioneer? or higher?

Kickr was 18 watts lower but that was final FTP. The raw Watts was around 40.

Yesterday I did Ebbetts using my Kickr Snap’s Erg and my Quarq PM (as an observer controlling nothing and reporting to my head unit), and the powers matched closely. Last interval got messed up because I accidentally hit the “sensors” button on the TR app, which of course temporarily paused the TR workout, but my Quarq kept recording. Curious to see if future workouts will be this close. Once I do several more workouts with this setup I will do a full comparison of the Kickr Snap versus the Quarq.


I’ve a similar question but thinking about running TrainerRoad on both a laptop and an iPad at the same time - is this even possible using the same TR account?
Reason? I know my Garmin Vector 2 pedals read power data about 10% lower as an estimate to my 2016 Kickr. I’ve been using my Vectors on my trainer bike and using them for power recording. I’m now getting ready to restart outside riding but still expect to perform 2 or 3 indoor workouts a week. I don’t want to be continually swapping pedals and once swapped want to keep on my summer bike for a number of weeks/months.
So what I’d like to do for my next ramp test is move my pedals and use summer bike just for the ramp test. Garmin pedals are ANT+ only so run TR on MacBook with ANT+ stick to perform ramp test. On my iPad I’d then connect this just to the kickr Over Bluetooth and run the ramp test at the same as the MacBook.
The result would be an FTP result from the Kickr that I could use inside and a corresponding result from Vector pedals for use during outdoor workouts.
What are your thoughts @Bryce, can I do this using the same TR account? If not I’ll use one of my referrals to setup a dummy account for this next ramp test.

What you have proposed is possible :+1:.

Good luck!