Recommended Garmin IQ Apps

I have an Edge 830 but have done relatively little to customize it other than setting up bike and user specific settings, and creating the TR-recommended workout screen. What custom screens and IQ apps do you use and why / how? (Screen shots would be appreciated, too.) TIA!

There are a whole lot of data screens available – most of which won’t make you any faster or pedal the bike for you! In fact, I find most of them wildly distracting. The one GIQ app however that I think is absolutely indispensable is this : Garmin Connect IQ App and Ride with GPS | Ride With GPS Help

It makes all the ‘hassle’ of getting routes onto the 830 a breeze (to me, RWGPS has the best desktop-based route builder available)

@Jack_Russell_Racing, awesome, thanks. I use RWG as my “master database” for all of my routes, and then export/import to my head unit (Garmin) and watch (Suunto) as needed. I’ll definitely look into this!