Recommendation for good quality rollers

Just something to check - looks like InsideRide would not fit my XC Bike because of Wheelbase. TruTrainer I think is the same (classic rollers don’t fit for me)

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Wanted to bump this back up - anyone have a recommendation for rollers that will work with a MTB? If I want to be able to use my XC Bike, right now I need support for a 46" wheelbase. Some XC Bikes need 48" (e.g. Epic Evo is a little over 47" WB size large)

What I’ve come up with so far is Kreitler which goes out to 48" on the standard frame, and extensions out beyond that. I know I could modify them myself, but I do like the E-Motion functionality from InsideRide, bumpers would be good too.

Any other options out there that’ll do 48" WB?

When I did research neither the TruMotion nor the Inside Ride rollers could support my XC wheelbase. So I forgot about rollers.

I almost bought a Kreitler which did seem like the best option for my XC, but what discouraged me was reviews saying that rollers+MTB tires was insanely loud.

I’m interested in this model, not the interactive which I believe was discontinued, just the regular mag.

Still using it? How is the wear and tear for the tires, I’m no planning to buy another set of tires, particularly I have hookless wheels so the tire compatibility is quite limited, plus they are all expensive, second plus they are set tubeless, so it’s a pain replace tires.

And, noise? Is it “doable” what do you think?

I really like my Elite Quick Motion rollers. I did find my limits in terms of TR workouts, tho. I found I could do all the workouts up to VO2max intervals, but for anaerobic stuff like 30/30’s, I simply couldn’t ramp up fast enough or recover quick enough to complete something like Spanish Needle. I though I just sucked at anaerobic, but when I got Kikr, I found I was capable of any of the workouts TR threw at me. So now I use the rollers once or twice a week for endurance rides, and everything else on Kikr with rocker plates


Interesting, and thanks for sharing.

After yesterday I did some research and this very same roller looks the ideal. And it’s on sale for a not to bad price.

What do you think overall for SS, tempo, Thresholds? Vo2 and 30/30 I can do outside.

The question is, I really don’t like trainers (static), I had a turbo burn out 2 years ago that I couldn’t look at the turbo. The year after, in order to avoid hating cycling, I run all the winter and get back to bike on MArch. I was excellent, but I was kind of a late bloomer in my season.

So far what I’ve read says that the mental focus needed, the full body engagement, make rollers more enjoyable, and that’s exactly what I’m locking for.

Plus, the possibility to just fold it up and put under the bed and having my bike back on the wall is a good addition. I live in a 2 bedrooms apartment, no garage, basement, paincave, etc. so space is something to consider. With the turbo my bike takes a full corner of the room all winter long.

easily my favorite set of rollers. very smooth, parabolic ends make it easier to stay centered (they’re like bumpers that force you back to the middle if you drift). I’m fairly lightweight, ftp around 210, and I can do everything up to threshold in the second (of 3) resistance settings. easy to do one handed stuff, easy to stand and climb (I’ve held a standing climb for up to a minute for pressure relief). as stated before, I found everything except vo2 max and anaerobic to be doable on these. I could do the vo2max, just took more effort than a trainer in erg mode; anaerobic I just couldn’t do. I am a firm believer that rollers help crash proof you. the whole time you’re on them, you’re doing little sub concious microadjustments. rollers really amplify any movement you make (ie turning your head quickly to see if your dog is sneaking up behind you). that’s the kind of stuff that can send you off the rollers, so you learn quickly how to make little corrections. that translates to the road really well. one caveat - they don’t really “fold”, they kind of “stack” into 3 sections, one on top of another, so unless your bed is really tall, it’s not going to go under it folded; laid flat, shouldn’t be a problem


I use my backup wheels (no brakes, just a cassette) with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Indoor Trainer tires (29x1.35) with tubes. Very quiet on my e-motiion rollers.

Quickmotion rollers made me not miss my Kickr at all. I love the natural way of riding. Perfect for my kind of workouts. Full recommendation


Thanks for the feedback, I pulled the trigger. Next week is going to be learning week.

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A couple of notes from my experiences. I’ve been using rollers (Elite Arion Mag rollers with 3 level resistance) for a long time (since 2015) and I find I can do all types of sessions on them, including anaerobic/VO2. There is a level of technique to be able to do high watts, in that you pretty much have to sit down no matter how hard you are going.

I use a road bike on the trainer, but the max length will just work for an mtb if it isn’t too long. My hardtail fits, but I doubt a modern full suspension bike would.

Noise wise, if you run an mtb with big off road tyres on rollers, it will be very noisy! The bigger the tread, the louder the noise.

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sounds good.

It’s going to be a giant TCR with GP5000’s.

Later I’m planning to buy a cheaper set o wheels with some cheaper tires as trainer wheels for the roller and beginning of the season as roads aren’t in good shape after months of salt and ice.