Rebound Hypoglycemia

Reading Peak by Dr. Marc Bubbs, and he has mentioned numerous times that consuming simple sugars 45 minutes or more before an event or workout can lead to rebound hypoglycemia and reduced performance. I have often had things like pancakes with syrup, sweet cereal, juice, and coffee with maltodextrin in the hours leading up to a race. Wondering now if it would be more optimal to just have a big bowl of oatmeal and then abstain from sugar until 15 min before? I haven’t noticed feeling sluggish (always feel that race adrenaline), but I imagine it could be a factor. Thoughts on how to keep glycogen topped off without risking a dip?

I started using online glucose measurement to understand my body and my needs better.
I think rebound effect is clearly there, once you eat something sweet, your body is releasing insulin and trying to regulate glucose level in your body. Overall performance for the event depends on how well your body is loaded (muscle glycogen stores are full or empty etc?), how intense you start etc.

My strategy is, keep muscle glycogen stores full by loading well, before the intense activity day and maybe start eating something right away with the training (not just before).
First 1 month with online measurement was a total mess for me, now seems like i am managing my body’s sugar demand better and I am now trying to focus on keeping my glucose level below 90 while i am not active and perform during the activities by keeping it above 110.
good luck :slight_smile: