Rearrange Desktop Data Fields


I have a standing desk at home and it kind of resembles one of those kickr desks. My issue here is that the height of my monitors are optimized for work standing or sitting but not for riding. So because the data fields are on the top of the window, I can’t get in the aero position without contorting my head in an impossible way to see my target power, cadence, etc. The workaround seems to be to put the workout into the ‘minimal’ look, but I only look at the graph when I’m on TR and nothing else (can’t watch netflix or listen to the podcast at all).

It would be great if the data field could be rearranged to the bottom of the screen depending on the preference or set up of the user.

I have a ANT+ speed sensor, so I can’t use my lg g6 to pair with the speed sensor. Although not needed and not comparable to outdoors distance, I’d like to still keep that metric for bragging rights and seeing the blue bars on strava is nice… lol. I have a powertap p1s so as to not confuse those who think I need it for virtual power.

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