Re-fold foldable tires for storing?

Is it ok to re-fold used tires if you are planning to use them again?

It makes sense to re-fold them but I’m worried to damage them.

I hang them so they sort of keep their shape, that way I think it’s easier to remount

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I always fold mine, I haven’t got space to hang them. Let them dry a bit first if there was sealant in them, and obviously don’t press nice sharp creases in them. I’ve got a bag full of tires and never had issues remounting them because they were stored folded.

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It’ll be fine. I switch between summer and winter tyres and store them in between.

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I have fitted tyres, couldn’t get them to seat or something and folded them back into the box. Subsequently I’ve came back to them sometime later and they have been fine. I think my Pro 4’s were just fitted to my current commuter bike before I had new tubeless wheels delivered in 2018. The Pro 4’s were put back in the box and dug out earlier this year for the commuting bike and they’ve been fine.

I fold mine after cleaning and drying. I don’t have a place to hang them so I fold them for storage. Before remounting I usually unfold them for a day or two to get their “shape” back (I do this with new tires as well) but I’ve not had any problems remounting them.

Flip the tires inside out so the tread faces itself - clean thoroughly and then fold up like they did when they came to you in the box.

This makes the tire bulge the bead so when you go to mount and seat them again its much easier.

This is assuming this is for Tubless tires, I do this with 3 sets of fat bike tires depending on the season (Summer race, Muddy Rider, Ice racer haha).

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