Raspberry Pi-powered AI bike light detects cars, alerts bikers to bad drivers

Interesting. I really hope this proves out, or something similar


WOW, that does look really interesting!!

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Yes. This would be a great advance over just the Varia. Plus hopefully more companies will get into the space and push the tech really forward so we aren’t at the mercy of Garmin’s tech pace

Along these same lines, have you ever wondered why Varia radars don’t form a small peer-to-peer or mesh network amongst themselves when riding in a group? When paired to your headunit, which is simultaneously connected via BT to the smartphone in your back pocket, it seems like an opportunity exists to leverage the collective data from the radars.

That is, if the furthest back rider in a big group ride gets a Varia notification, shouldn’t that Varia pre-alert other riders within a few meters ahead of him/her? My Varia does ‘ok’ on big group rides, but if I’m 7 wheels back in a pack of 30, I’m absolutely getting a much later Varia alert when a car approaches.

Similarly, you’d think some brainiac at Garmin could find a way to also reduce false positives : if the rider in the back gets an alert, but the vehicle never materializes, then maybe silence/suppress the alerts on the riders up front.

Since we’re already able to see our mates on a shared Garmin route, surely there’d be a way to leverage Varia data too for everyone’s safety.

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This is exactly why I want more companies to get into the space: come up with innovative ways of improving rider safety / notices of vehicles