Ramp test power mismatch in ERG mode

Thank mate. It looks like I just need to test that theory with TR. What puzzles me is that with Zwift I didn’t experience any of that - just look at the graph, my cadence even dropped to 70’s in the end and I was still able to hit ~ 380 watts. With TR and cadence > 100 I couldn’t hit 310.

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Was just a theory :man_shrugging:t4: :sweat_smile:

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It looks like that was it…i had to change to the one before last cog to produce more than 400 watts with the custom workout. I was experiencing with the gears during the ramp test (gosh ramp test 3rd time in a row :smile: ) and it worked much better, however the power was very spikey and made everything much less smooth:

This time i tested 268 (comparing to 256 yesterday and 226 the day before).

@boskidamian welcome to TrainerRoad!
I’m so glad Welsey from support got you squared away. You were in good hands, and @Crownan knows what’s up; absolutely a wattage ceiling issue that I’m glad you can address with some gearing changes.

(Unrelated: you deserve a hug for trying to do THREE RAMP TESTS. You never have to FTP test again :wink: )

Don’t stress about how that power reading looks. That is often synonymous with pedal-based power meters, but doesn’t change that PowerMatch (which I know you’re stoked on!) is what is going to help you in that scenario.
Focus on maintaining your cadence through those efforts, and know that PowerMatch will keep you locked in at target.

Let us know, either here on the forum or via DM, if you have any questions moving forward.
Glad you’re with us!