Race szn 2021 (US)

Hey back with another rant and question.

So like all of collegiate road season got canceled so like I feel like I am training for nothing, but like I hold out hope of races in June/July. I know I have the legs for races even mid summer when I was not on a real training plan (I had one for March that went bye bye) (I did one race (first one) in summer last year). I did not really burn any matches and I finished with the lead group (its was Pottstown cat 5 crit). I know I need (more then anything) RACE experience. I want to join like a local team outside of Penn State that is local to me in the DC area.

In conclusion do you guys think there will be races in the midatlantic this summer at any point it does not matter if they’re USAC official just organized races of different categories so I can have experience going fast in groups. Local group rides are sh*t shows and they just race and attack each other in busy streets and they crash all the time. Like damn I just want more races under my belt. I would prefer a RR because I am a climber and definitely not a sprinter/built for a crit but I will take anything.

I really hope you get some chances this year to add to your racing experience. Sadly, I don’t think anyone has a crystal ball to see what type of racing we can expect in 2021. The pandemic situation is still very much a reality all over the world, and particularly on fire in the US.

That being said. Please edit your post and replace “szn” with “season”. Not unlike training and racing for a sport you’re clearly passionate about, cutting corners with a language only leads to your own discredit. I’m not being a dick here, really.

If you’re smart and believe in science? No.

If you’re reckless and inconsiderate of your fellow human beings who are at risk even if you’re not? Then you probably don’t need answers from anyone here, as you’ll enter races as soon as they pop up.

From the sound of your post you’re an eager new racer who found racing in college. You’ve got more than enough time, one or two seasons without racing isn’t going to end your riding

My advice for this season is that if things are safe enough to do so find a small bubble of riders that you can get together with to train and ride with. No, it’s not racing, but it will give you more experience, and at the Cat 5 level, you just need time on the bike around other people.

Another piece of advice: Don’t label yourself anything this early in your riding. You’re a bike racer, not a climber, not a sprinter, just a racer. This is an incredibly common and easy trap to get stuck in as a newer racer. You shouldn’t be labeling yourself or pigeonholing yourself into any specific riding role until you’re much higher in the ranks.